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Andrewes, Lawrens    [see Laurens]

  • Noble lyfe and natures of man
  • Subjects: natural history, food preparation, cookery,

    • 1. The noble lyfe and natures of man, Of bestes / serpentys / fowles & fisshyes it be moste knowen
      c 1521
      GB:   LB  

      Early version Hortis Sanitatus. 1521 copy reprinted 1954 in quarto.
      Andrewes also wrote: "The Vertuose Boke of Distyllacyon" (1527), BLC: 45 g.3.
      Typography in black letter; has been described with 'woodcuts of wonderful animals, mermaids, serpents, birds, quadrepeda with men's and women's heads, a stork with its neck tied in a knot.'
      'I Lawrens Andrewe of the towne of Calis have translated for Johannes doesbarrowe, booke printer in the cite of Andwarpe, this present volume devyded in thre partes, which were never before in no maternall lanquage printed tyl now'

      BLC 7008.dd.16.

  • Vertuose boke of distyllacyon
  • Subjects: domestic medicine, cookery,

    • 1. The vertuose boke of distyllacyon
      4o 6o
      GB:   LB  

      This book is a translation form the Dutch, of a book by Jerome Braunschweig, see 1561, Hollbush.

      PR 3435

    • 2. — The vertuose boke of distyllacyon of the waters of all maner of herbes : with the fygures of the styllatoryes, fyrst made and compyled by the thyrte yeres study and labour of the moste co[n]nynge and famous mayster of phisyke, Master Iherom bruynswyke. And now newly translate[d] out of Duyche into Englysshe Nat only to the synguler helpe and profyte of the surgyens, phisycyens, and pothecaryes, but also of all maner of people, parfytely and in dewe tyme and ordre to lerne to dystyll all maner of herbes, to the profyte, cure, and remedy of all maner dysseases and infirmytees apparant and nat apparant. And ye shall vnderstande that the waters be better than the herbes, as Auicenna testefyeth in his fourthe conon saynge that all maner medicynes vsed with theyr substance, febleth and maketh aged, and weke. Cum gratia et preuilegio regali.
      Author   1527 [i.e. 1528?]

      Sourced from World CAT : EEBO: Online system or service. Name: Hieronymus Brunschwig; Laurence Andrew

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