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  • The Larbert cookery book
  • Subjects: fund-raising,

    • 1. McLaren Memorial Church Bazaar. | Town Hall, Falkirk, | 27th and 28th February, and 1st March, 1902. | The | Larbert cookery | book.
      Falkirk: printed and published for the Bazaar Committee by John Callander; 1902
      21.5 x 14.0 cm   Pp [i-ii] ads, [1-9] 10-136, [i-ii]   Paper covered boards  
      GB:   *Priv coll  

      On the front face of the binding there are three cupids fanning a steaming cauldron with bellows. Out of the cauldron rises a maid carrying a platter.
      LoEN has "The Larbert cookery book containing over 400 cookery recipes and household hints' compiled by Margaret A. Campbell, Falkirk: printed and published for the Larbert Stall of the Falkirk Infirmary Bazaar by John Callander Ltd, [December 1927]. Despite the same short-title and publisher as the 1902 edition catalogued here, it appears to be a different book.

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