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Mayerne, Thomas (Sir)   

  • Hermeticall Banquet
  • Subjects: gastronomy, manners,

    • 1. A / Hermticall / Banquet, / Drest / By a Spagiricall Cook: for / the better preservation of the microcosme. //
      Andrew Crooke   1652
      [i-xxxvi] [1-2] 3-161   8od A-M, N4
      GB:   LB  

      [A2] Dedication: Rt. Hon. Isacke Wake Knt. Embassador in Savoy/PiedmontÉ from his Physician.
      [A2v]: Rt. Hon letterÉ [vi]
      [A6]: Symposiates to his Sympotae
      [A8v]: epigram
      [B]: 'Grace' a discourse on A Hermeticall Banquet
      [C4]: pagination starts with recipes
      Note: there is another edition printed with no date. This edition differs in that there is nothing on A2, and the Dedication starts on A2v.
      Thomas Mayerne was doctor to Queen Henrietta Maria.

      Wing: Vaughan, T (V149)

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