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La Varenne (Englished by J. D. G.)   

  • French Cook
  • Subjects: confectionary, sugar, french cookery,

    • 1. The / French Cook, / Prescribing the way of making ready / of all sorts of meats, fish and flesh, with / the proper sauce, either to procure appe- / tite, or to advance the power of digestion: / with the whole skill of pastry-work. / Together with about 200. excellent / receipts for the best sorts of / Pottages, / Both in Lent, and out of Lent. / Also a treatise of conserves, both dry / and liquid, after the best fashion. / The Third Edition. / With an addition of some choice receipts / grown in use amongst the nobility and gentry. / by a prime artist of our own Nation. /
      Thomas Dring, John Leigh   1673 [first English edition 1653]
      :   [i-xxxviii] 1-294 [295-6]   8od A8 a8 b in 3, B-V8
      GB:   LeU(B)  

      With tipped in advertisement abt. a pirated book called The English and French Cook.
      Second French edition published in Paris, 1652.

      Wing : nothing under 1653. see La Varenne under 1673 (625A)

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