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A Book of fruits and flowers.   

  • Book of fruits and flowers
  • Subjects: confectionery, cookery, diet, domestic medicine, preservation,

    • 1. A Book / of / fruits and flowers. / shewing / the nature and use of them, either / for meat or medicine. / as also: / to preserve, conserve, candy, and in wedges, / or dry them. To make Powders, civet bagges, / all sorts of sugar-works, turn'd works in sugar, / hollow, or fontages, and to Pickell them. // And for meat. // to make Pyes, biscat, maid dishes, marchpanes, leeches, and snow, craknels, candels, cakes, broths, fritter- / stuffe, puddings, tarts, syrups, and sallets. // For Medicines. // É
      Contra vim martis, non est mediconnen in hortis
      M. S.   Thomas Jenner   1653
      13 x 17.2   [i-ii] 1-49 [50]   4od A-F4, G2
      GB:   LB  

      Many wood engraved illustrations.

      Wing: Jenner, Thomas 1653 (B3708); see also 1656 (B3709) [Anr. ed] - 1656, 40

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