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LEWIS, Miss Edith Mary   

EpicureDir 1899 cites Miss Edith M. Lewis, teacher of cookery with First-Class Diploma from the National Training School, June 1897. Her address is St Ann's, The Thicket, Southsea. EpicureDir 1909 lists Miss Edith Mary Lewis, First NTSC 1900, living at 9 Waterloo Road, Wolverhampton. This latter Miss Lewis is most certainly the author of "A cookery book of useful recipes' which was published in her home of Wolverhampton. Miss Lewis cited in EpicureDir 1899 may not be the same person since her diploma of 1897 is not mentioned in the later entry and she lived far from Wolverhampton.

  • A cookery book of useful recipes
    • 1. [An edition of "A cookery book of useful recipes', nd]

      PCat February 1981 lists Lewis, Edith M., "A cookery book of useful recipes', Wolverhampton: Whitehead Bros, nd but front end-paper dated 1906, pages 39 including index, blue paper binding.

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