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LLOYD, William M.   

  • Handy book, for confectioners and cake pipers
  • Subjects: icing and piping,

    • 1. Handy book, | for | confectioners & cake pipers, | consisting of | 50, new designs | for piping | bride, birthday, and Christmas cakes. | A useful help for amateurs and new beginners. | By | William M. Lloyd. | Price, 1/6 post free.
      Barry Dock, [Glam]: printed by James Russell; 1897
      25.0 x 19.0 cm   Pp [1-37]   1s 6d post free   Blue paper  
      GB:   *LoEN  

      Unusually, the book is staple-bound along the top rather than side edge. Page 2 is the only page of text; the remainder of the book is illustrations. In a letter on page 2, which is signed "William M. Lloyd. Foreman, to James Price, Esq., Modern Bakery, Barry Dock, Glam', the author writes, "Sir, in introducing my first series of designs to the trade, I must say that they have all been worked out by myself, as an amateur.' He adds in a postscript, "I am preparing a book of good and useful recipes, for making cakes and fancy confectionery, which will be ready shortly, and may be obtained at the above address, or of the printer.' I have not found a copy of his second book.

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