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Heresbach, Conrad; Barnabe Googe; Gervase Markham;   

  • perfect husbandman
  • Subjects: husbandry,

    • 1. The perfect husbandman, : or the art of husbandry. In four books. I. Of the farm or mansion-house, offices, and accomadations of arable ground, pasture, and medow. II. Of gardens, orchards, and woods. III. Of breeding, feeding, and curing of all manner of cattel. IV. Of poultry, fowle, fish, and bees, with the whole art (according to these last times) of breeding, and dyeting the fighting cock, and the art of angling.
      Thomas Basset   1658

      Sourced from World CAT : Early English Books Online Ebook Collection.

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