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BMCat catalogues books by Mrs Frank Stephens under Stephens, Mrs A. @ In addition to "Christmas cookery", three other cookery books by Mrs Stephens which would fall within the period covered by this bibliography are listed on the title-page of her "How to keep fit and healthy" of 1911: "How to cook", "Summer cookery" and "Winter cookery". I have not found copies of these one-penny booklets.

  • Christmas cookery
  • Subjects: christmas cookery,

    • 1. Christmas | cookery | by | Mrs. Frank Stephens, | author of | "How to Manage a Baby," | "How to Manage a Home," | "How to Cook," etc. | The above books can be obtained from any newsagent or railway bookstall. / Price one penny. | Christmas cookery | contains recipes for making | Christmas puddings, Christmas pies, Christmas cakes, Christmas | sweets, Christmas dainties and delicacies. Blancmanges, sponges, | ices, creams, icing for cakes, buns, puffs, scones, biscuits. Soups, | fish, joints, poultry, sauces, gravies, breakfast dishes, etc.
      London: Horace Marshall and Sons; nd
      18.0 x 12.0 cm   Pp [1-7] 8-48   [1d on binding]   Paper with holly on front  
      GB:   Priv coll  
      US:   *NNNAM  

      "Christmas cookery" was probably published about 1908-1911. The earlier date is suggested by an advertisement on page 3 of the book for George Black's "A manual of vegetarian cookery" which was published in 1908; the later date by the title-page of the author's "How to keep fit and healthy" of 1911 which lists the book as one of several by her.
      The copy at NNNAM is in an uncatalogued box of pamphlets in the Wilson Collection.

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