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Shewring, Adam   

  • Plain dealing poulterer
  • Subjects: poultry,

    • 1. The Plain Dealing / Poulterer; / or / A Poulterers Shop Opened, / with // All sorts of Ware, and how to / know the young form the / Old, being dead or alive. // Also how to feed and fatten / fowl in a short time; with / other things necessary to be known. // Very useful for Gentlemen and / others, that they may not be / deceived. // By Adam Shewring a Poulterer.
      If that you intend well to fare, / Be wise in choosing poulters ware.
      E. C.   H. Brome   1664
      6.5 x 11.5   [i-viii] 1-71 [72-78]   12od A-D in 6
      GB:   LeU(B)  

      Mainly instruction to shopkeepers. Concerning waterfowl, land fowl, four-footed.
      Address: Epistle to Reader
      This book has the Imprintur of L'Estrange, and a wood engraving of a gun opposite title- page.
      Publisher's advertisements: [72-78]

      Wing: other entries include for years 1687 (C. (not H) Brome), 1695 - C. Brome, 1699 - C. Brome

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