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John Fitzherbert; Anthony Fitzherbert, Sir   

  • Booke of husbandrye
  • Subjects: husbandry, cookery, distillation, domestic medicine, household, houswifry, serving, offices of house, poultry keeping, religion,

    • 1. The booke of husbandrye: very profitable and necessary for al maner of persons. Made first by the auctor Fitzherberd, and nowe lately corrected and amended, with diuers addicions put ther unto. Anno do. M.D. LXJJ.
      John Awdely   1562
      GB:   LB  

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    • 2. — [Another edition]
      John Awdely   1568
      foliated to lxix   8o A-I8
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    • 3. — The booke of husbandry: very profitable and necessarye for all maner of persons
      John Awdely   1573

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      PR 11003.5

    • 4. — Fitzherbert's / Booke of / husbandrie. / devided / into foure severall bookes, very ne- / cessary and profitable for all sorts / of people. / And now newlie corrected, mended, and reduced, into a more pleasing forme of / English then before.
      I. R.   Edward White   1598
      13.5 x 18.5   [i-iii] 1-199   4o A-Z4 Aa-Dd4
      GB:   LB  

      Tp quotation: Ecclesiast. 10. ver 28
      Better is he that laboureth, and hath plentiousnesse of all / thinges, then hee that is gorgious and / wanteth bread.
      [A3] Dedication: to Maister Henry Jackman (I.R. 1598).
      [A4v] Address: Preface to the reader, this edition purged of 'missounding termes' I. R.
      Huswifry in the 4th book, 141-8 [poultry] 174-178.
      Table at end by number and to number.

      BLC 966.f.22

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