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ALLINSON, Dr Thomas Richard   1858-November 1918

Born at Grange-over-Sands in 1858, Allinson qualified as a doctor in Edinburgh at the age of twenty-three. He was influenced by Sylvester Graham's promotion of wholemeal bread as the key to healthful diet, writing and lecturing widely on the subject, and became, like Graham, a vegetarian. Through his business, The Natural Food Co Ltd, which began as a small flour mill in 1892, he sold his own wholemeal flour and health food products. The company, which changed its name to Allinson Ltd in 1946, is one of Britain's leading flour manufacturers today. This biographical information is based on a typescript pamphlet about the author written by Howell Roberts and dated 14 August 1973, supplied by the company. @Advertisements in "Dr Allinson's vegetarian cookery" of 1905 described below indicate that the author wrote various pamphlets on vegetarian cookery, copies of which I have been unable to trace. @Allinsons's influence also spread through the work of another writer. See "Comprehensive cookery as used in Dr Allinson's hygienic establishment" compiled by Mrs Ernest May.

  • Dr Allinson's vegetarian cookery
  • Subjects: vegetarian cookery,

    • 1. Dr. Allinson's | vegetarian cookery
      London: The Natural Food Co Ltd; 1905
      18.5 x 12.5 cm   Pp [1-2] 3-191 [192]   [1s on binding]   Frontis portrait of author  
      GB:   *OPo(F)  
      US:   NN  

      The recipes end on page 117. The remaining pages are advertisements.

    • 2. — [Another edition, 1910]

      CBCat 34 cites "Dr Allinson's vegetarian cookery", 1910, pages 117 plus 57 ads.% 0055a

    • 3. — Dr. Allinson's | cookery book | comprising many valuable | vegetarian recipes | Third edition
      London: The Natural Food Co Ltd; 1915
      18.5 x 12.5 cm   Pp [1-2] 3-117 [118], [1] 2-20 publ ads, [i-vi] memorandum pages   [1s on binding]   Yellow cloth with vegetables on front  
      GB:   *Priv coll  

      The cover-title is "The Allinson vegetarian cookery book".% 0056

    • 4. — [Title as 1915] | Fourth edition.
      London: The Allinson Publications; 1922
      18.5 x 12.5 cm   Pp [i-ii] ad, [1-2] 3-117, [i] ad   [1s 10d on binding]   Yellow paper covered boards  
      GB:   *ChAVe  

      The cover-title is again "The Allinson vegetarian cookery book".
      A note on page 12, signed "A. A.", begins, "October, 1921. As this book was compiled before the war, a few words as the means of economising in the use of eggs and butter may not be amiss...."% 0057

  • Wholesome cookery
  • Subjects: vegetarian cookery,

    • 1. One penny. | Wholesome cookery | being | recipes for vegetarian dishes in special | relation to health, | by | T. R. Allinson, L.R.C.P. | author of | "A System of Hygienic Medicine," | "Medical Essays," Vol. I., II., III., and IV., | "Rheumatism," "Consumption," &c. | Reprinted from "Weekly Times and Echo." [Cover-title]
      London: printed by Baines and Scarsbrook for F. Pitman; nd
      18.0 x 12.0 cm   Pp [1-3] 4-32   1d   Bluish grey paper  
      GB:   LB destroyed   *LoEN   OB  

      Both LoEN and OB date this work [1892]. BMCat lists two copies, both destroyed and each with the same publisher and 32 pages, one dated [1890] and the other undated. The British Library subject index, however, dates the latter 1892. The book is not recorded in EngCat.

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