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  • Arcana Fairfaxiana manuscripta
  • Subjects: reprints, facsimiles, recipes from old manuscripts,

    • 1. Arcana Fairfaxiana | manuscripta. | A manuscript volume of apothecaries' lore and | housewifery nearly three centuries old, | used, and partly written by the | Fairfax family. | Reproduced in fac-simile of the handwritings. | An introduction by | George Weddell.
      Newcastle-on-Tyne: Mawson, Swan and Morgan; 1890
      22.0 x 17.0 cm   Pp [i-ix] x-xlviii [xlix-l], 1-206   Full leather  
      Bib:   B516  
      GB:   LB   *LG   LWel   LoEN   OB   WYoLCe   WYoLU(B)  
      US:   DLC   DNLM   KU-M   CtY   MiU   PPC   PPULC   ICJ  

      BMCat describes George Weddell as a chemist from Newcastle-on-Tyne. The title-page and page xlix are printed in red and black.% General comments: Rudolph 689 lists a copy at KMK with "London: Elliot Stock" preceding "Newcastle-on-Tyne: Mawson, Swan and Morgan" in the imprint.

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