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BOSTWICK, Lucy W.   born 1852

NUCat lists the author's works under Bostwick, Mrs Lucy Standard (Watson). Lucy Bostwick also wrote "Margery Daw in the kitchen, and what she learned there'. NUCat records an edition of 1881, the third, fourth and fifth editions of 1883, the sixth edition of 1885, and the seventh of 1887. All were published in Auburn, New York.

  • Margery Daw's home confectionery
  • Subjects: candies,

    • 1. Margery Daw's | home | confectionery | by | Lucy W. Bostwick
      New York, Paris, Chicago, Washington and London: Brentano's; [1891]
      15.0 x 11.5 cm   Pp [1-9] 10-46   Maroon cloth with large, wrapped candy on front  
      GB:   *Bookseller's stock  
      US:   DLC   MB   NN   KMK   PPULC  

      On the verso of the title-page is "Copyright, 1891, by Brentano's.' The preface is signed "Lucy W. Bostwick. Auburn, June, 1891.'% American editions: NUCat cites an edition of 1883 and the sixth edition of 1885, both published in Auburn, New York, by L. W. Bostwick.

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