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  • Popular lessons on cookery
  • Subjects: general,

    • 1. Popular | lessons on cookery | by | Mrs. Boyd Carpenter | Eleventh thousand
      London: Percival and Co; 1893
      16.5 x 10.5 cm   Pp [i-vii] viii-xiv [xv-xvi], [1] 2-247   [18d on binding]   Red cloth  
      GB:   LB destroyed   *OB  

      The following quotation is on the title-page: ""There are scientific principles lying at the foundation of the art of cookery, as of every other human art: and if you neglect to apply them # if you neglect to educate your cooks in them # you must expect to suffer." # Dr. Lankester".
      The author signs the preface "A. M. Carpenter. The Palace, Ripon, December, 1892." The text which follows is in two parts, "Plain cookery" and "Better class cookery". Each part consists of ten lessons.

    • 2. — [Another edition, 1899]
      GB:   LB destroyed  

    • 3. — [Another edition, 1903]
      GB:   LB destroyed  

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