Household Books Published in Britain: all volumes

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Haughton, John (Fellow of the Royal Society)   

  • The improvement of husbandry and trade
  • Subjects: chemistry, cookery, household, husbandry, trade, preservation,

    • 1. A / Collection / of / Letters / for the improvement of / Husbandry & Trade. // PPPP London Printed for John Lawrance, at the / Angel in Cornhill near the Royal Exchange, 1681
      John Lawrance   1681
      14 x 18.5   vol 1 [i-ii] 1-184; vol 2 [1-2] 3-190 [191-2]   4o A-Aa4 A-Z4

      Contains several pieces including John Evelyn's An Account of Bread 127; Mrs. A Lancashire, Cure woodcocks 95; R.T., History of malting at Derby; plus entries for salt, saffron, safflower.

    • 2. — A collection of Letters for the improvement of husbandry & trade, by John Houghton, fellow of the Royal Society.
      J. Gain   John Lawrence, John Houghton, Moses Pitt, William Cadman, Dorman Newman   1681

      Sourced from World CAT : The Museum Book Store.
      World CAT also mentions Auguste Dubois. And notes that the book was in printing until 1683.

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