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COOK, James Henry   

Cook edited the ""Health from food" series" of which "Bananas,..." described below is No. 4. See the series name for information about other cookery books in the series. @LB holds an 8-page pamphlet by Cook, "What and how to eat: facts that are stranger than fiction", Birmingham: Birmingham Vegetarian Hotels and Restaurants Ltd, nd [1901].

  • Bananas, and all about them
  • Subjects: fruit,

    • 1. [An edition of "Bananas, and all about them", 1907]

      CBCat 35 cites "Bananas, and all about them. With eighty recipes, for preparing and cooking fresh and dried bananas and banana flour.", Birmingham: 1907, pages 32.
      "Bananas, and all about them" and "The book of the banana", both of which appeared in 1907, are the earliest books published in Britain on cooking with bananas that I have found (see under the title for a description of "The book of the banana").

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