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CORSON, Juliet   1842-1897

With the exception of "Family living", Juliet Corson's several cookery books appear to have exclusively American imprints.

  • Family living on $500 a year
  • Subjects: general,

    • 1. [An edition of "Family living on $500 a year: a daily reference book for young and inexperienced housewives", 1905]
      Bib:   A143   B102  

      Bitting 102 cites New York and London: Harper and Brothers, 1905, pages vi, 437. Axford 143 lists a 1905 edition but does not give London as a place of publication. The book is not recorded in EngCat.%
      In the 437-page 1888 edition, which I have seen, about three-quarters of the text is devoted to cookery.% American editions: Axford 143, Bitting 102 and NUCat cite New York: Harper and Brothers, 1888. NN holds New York: Harper and Brothers, [copyright 1887].

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