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  • Currant cookery
  • Subjects: fruit, cooking with,

    • 1. Simple | home | recipes | Currant | cookery [Cover-title]
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      GB:   LoEN  
      US:   *DLC  

      The transcription of the cover-title is from a photocopy of the front face of the binding supplied by DLC. Above the title there is a woman pouring currants into a bowl. Behind her in a circular frame is a scene of a vineyard. (The LoEN copy lacks its binding.)
      The booklet has 24 pages and is illustrated. The first four pages present information about currants. The recipes begin on page 5 under the heading "Simple home recipes for cooking currants' and are by Charles Herman Senn. They are grouped into four sections: "Hot sweets', "Cold sweets', "Pastry, scones and cakes' and "Miscellaneous recipes'. Most of these recipes first appeared in "Currants' (see entry below).
      A reference on page 1 to "our own beloved sovereign, King Edward VII' suggests that this book may have been published before Edward's death in 1910. There is an advertisement for "Currant cookery # simple home recipes" on page 2 of "Cassell's penny cookery book and kitchen hints' which was published in 1911. It says that the book was given awa

  • Home recipes for cooking currants
    • 1. Home recipes | for | cooking | currants [Cover-title]
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      18.0 x 10.5 cm   Pp 1-32   Paper with images on front of 3 children at table eating currant cakes and 2 women picking currants  
      GB:   *Priv coll  
      US:   DLC  

      This seems to be a later edition of "Currant cookery' although the cover-titles differ. The recipe section, which follows four pages on the history of the currant vine, is headed "Currant cookery'. It is in two parts, "Simple home recipes' on pages 5-17 and "High-class cookery' on pages 18-32, both by Senn. A comparison of the indices reveals that the majority of recipes in "Home recipes for cooking currants' also appear in "Currant cookery'.
      According to a promotion for currants in the ninth edition of Senn's "Simple cookery for the people', "Home recipes for cooking currants", like "Currant cookery', was free on request from grocers. The promotion describes "Home recipes' as "just... published'. Although "Simple cookery for the people" is undated, there is a reference in it to the "late King Edward VII' which indicates that "Home recipes' was published some time after Edward's death in 1910.

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