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PANKOW, F. H. E.   

  • The mollusc paramount
  • Subjects: seafood, cooking with,

    • 1. The mollusc | paramount | being valuable & interest- | ing information about | oysters | with testimonials from many distinguished | men and women of the day | over 100 different ways of preparing oysters. Compre- | hensive selections from complete recipes. 24 illustrations | Written and published by | F. H. E. Pankow | London | Price 3/-
      London: F. H. E. Pankow; September 1909
      18.0 x 14.5 cm   Pp [1-10] 11-96 [97-98]   3s   White paper covered boards with tp oyster and decorative border featuring oysters on front  
      GB:   *LoEN   MCe   OB  

      The cover-title reads, "The mollusc paramount being a comprehensive treatise on the oyster in relation to the epicure, the invalid, the physician and the plain citizen". The chapters include "The oyster scare", "Oysters in the classics", "The oyster's constituents", "Oysters and health", "How and when oysters should be eaten", "What to take with oysters", "How to open and how to keep oysters", "Oyster varieties", "Oysters in England", "The oyster fishermen", "Conclusion: how to cook oysters", and "Oyster dishes and recipes".
      There is an advertisement on the back of the binding for Pankows Ltd, 21 Hanover Street, Regent Street, seller of oysters, lobsters and crabs. The company was presumably the author's own business.
      Unusually, the plates are included in the pagination.
      LoEN holds two copies of "The mollusc paramount", one of which is in a presentation box.

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