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Worlidge, J. Gent (J. W. Gent)   

  • Treatise of Cider
  • Subjects: household, husbandry, wine, juice,

    • 1. Vinetum Britannicum / or a / Treatise / of Cider. / And other wines and drinks extracted / from fruits in this Kingdom. / With the method of propagating all / sorts of vinous fruit-trees. / And a description of the new-invented / ingenio or mill, / for the more expeditious making of cider. / And also the right way of making / Metheglin and Birch- wine. / The Third impression, much enlarged. / To which is added, a discourse teach- / ing the best way of improving Bees. / With Copper Plates / By J. Worlidge. Gent.
      Thomas Dring   1691
      10.4 x 16.5   [i-xvi] 1- 235 [236-7 plate, 238] (tp) i-ii iii-x 1-42 [43-50]   8o 44 B-X8
      GB:   LB  

      A3 Dedication: to Elias Ashmole, Royal Society
      A4: Table
      B1 Address: to the Reader
      B2: Preface
      There is a plate at 238, followed by a title-page for the next book "Apiarum" see following.
      R8: Apiarum; / or a / discourse / of the / government and ordering / of bees√ČThird Edition / by J. W. Gent.
      S Address: to Reader
      S3v: Contents
      Printed for and sold by Thomas Dring, Bookseller, at the sign of the harrow at Chancery- Lane end / in Fleet-street. 1691 [A version of "Femini Monarchi", but T. W. Butler, Printed: William Turner]

      Wing: Dring, Thomas, 1691, (W3610), see also W3608 - 1676 (1st ed.), W3609 - 1678 (2nd ed.),

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