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PESEL, Louisa Frances   

LB and LoEN hold several books on embroidery by Louisa Pesel. Both libraries cite the author's full name.

  • Entente recipes in English, French and Flemish
  • Subjects: england, cookery of, france, cookery of, belgium, cookery of,

    • 1. Entente recipes | in | English, French and Flemish. | Compiled by Louisa F. Pesel, | assisted by M. E. Denis [formerly restaurateur a1 Louvain].
      London and Bradford: Percy Lund, Humphries and Co Ltd; [1914]
      15.0 x 11.0 cm   Pp [1-6] 7-112   Grey paper  
      US:   *NN  

      In the preface, which is dated Oak House, Bradford, 11 December 1914, the author says that only with the help of the Belgian refugees in Bradford was it possible to have the collection of recipes ready in time for Christmas. The profits from the sale of the book were to go to the Belgian Compatriots Clothing Fund, Bradford, according to a note on the binding. The text contains ninety-one numbered recipes, each given in the English, French and Flemish languages. The recipes feature English, French and Flemish dishes, some of which originate from Senn's "Chafing dish and casserole cookery" and Mrs Kirk's "Tried favourites cookery book".

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