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QUINLAN, Alexander and Miss Ellen E. Mann   

Alexander Quinlan is described on page 92 of EpicureDir 1899 as a teacher of practical sea cookery with twenty-one years' sea service. The entry cites his then current position as Instructor, Seamen's Cookery School, 48 Manesty's Lane, Liverpool, and gives his address as 52 Wheatlands Lane, Seacombe, Cheshire. @For biographical information about Miss Mann and a description of other books by her, see Mann, Miss Ellen E.

  • Cookery for seamen
  • Subjects: nautical cookery,

    • 1. Cookery for seamen, | by | Alexander Quinlan, | teacher of the Liverpool City Council Seamen's Cookery Classes, | and | N. E. Mann, | Head Teacher of the Liverpool Training School of Cookery. | Issued under the direction of the Committee of the Liverpool | Training School of Cookery. | Price, sixpence.
      Liverpool: C. Tinling and Co, Printers; 1894
      14.0 x 10.5 cm   Pp [1-4] 5-75, [i] ad   6d  
      GB:   LB destroyed   *LoEN   OB  
      US:   DNAL   NNNAM  

      MeLCa, formerly the Liverpool Training School of Cookery, confirms that "N. E. Mann" on the title-page is a typographical error for "E. E. Mann". Page 25 of "The history of F. L. Calder College of Domestic Science 1875-1965" by Margaret E. Scott, Liverpool: 1967, tells how Miss Ellen E. Mann taught the first seamen's cookery classes in the country on 3 February 1891. Alexander Quinlan, a sailor, was trained by her to take over the classes. "Cookery for seamen", their joint endeavor, is mentioned on page 25 of Margaret Scott's history, although not by name. The preface of "Cookery for seamen", written by Fanny L. Calder who was then Honorary Secretary of the Liverpool Training School of Cookery, explains the genesis of the book thus: "Some four years ago the then novel scheme of providing cookery classes for seamen, with the view of improving the fare on board trading steamers and ships, was started by the Committee of the Liverpool Training School of Cookery.... To meet [the seamen's demand for a book], the C

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