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ABBOT, Robert   flourished 1700-1800?

  • The housekeeper's valuable present
  • Subjects: confectionary, wine,

    • 1. The housekeeper's valuable present: or, lady's closet companion. Being a new and complete art of preparing confects, according to modern practice . . . working icecream . . . preparing cordials and made wines, etc.
      [London]: printed for the author   sold by C. Cooke   [c.1790]
      18 cm   xii, 13-190   2 sh. sewed or 2 sh. 6 d. neatly bound.  
      GB:   LBL   LWML   LeU(B)*  
      US:   KMK   MOSV   NYPL  

      1. BMCat. (1965) wrongly gives 'act' for 'art', in the main title.
      2. The title-page states that the author was 'Robert Abbot, late apprentice to Messrs. Negri and Gunter, confectioners, in Berkeley Square'.
      3. B.& G. Cat., No. 37, p. 14, gives the date as 'ca.1798', but Pennell, p. 165, proves it was earlier by stating that her own copy has 'written on the inside of the cover "Anne Jones, Dec. 18, 1791 '; and the Whitney copy, now the property of NYPL, has the date marked in pencil on the title-page as 'circa 1701'.
      4. The LeU(B) copy is lacking the last two pages.

      Oxford, p. 126

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