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GRID, Mr   

  • Cookery sound, simple, dainty
  • Subjects: general,

    • 1. Cookery | sound, simple, dainty. | By | "Grid"
      London: Skeffington and Son; 1901
      18.5 x 12.0 cm   Pp [i-ix] x, [1] 2-84   Cookery sound, simple, dainty.  
      GB:   LB   LCS   *LoEN   OB  
      US:   NN  

      The book is dedicated "to my friend Z. Z. to whose teaching I owe the best of what little I know about cookery'. Those recipes which deserve special attention are marked with a diamond shape in the margin.

  • Real cookery
  • Subjects: gastronomy,

    • 1. Real cookery | by | "Grid"
      London: T. Fisher Unwin; 1893
      15.5 x 12.0 cm   Pp [1-7] 8-86 [87-88]   Brown cloth with female cook holding saucepan and spoon on front  
      GB:   LB   *LoEN   OB  
      US:   ICJ   CtY   DLC  

      An illustrated title-page featuring the female cook that appears on the binding precedes the title-page proper. The text is in two parts: Part I, pages 11-40, discusses matters gastronomical; Part II, pages 41-86, contains recipes and cookery instructions presented in a most opinionated manner. LB and OB date the book 1893 [1892].% American editions: The author wrote a special preface to the American edition which was published in New York by Cassell Publishing Co, [copyright 1893]. DLC, MU, MB, NN, MCR, NIC(HA) and NNNAM hold copies.

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