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  • Apicii Coelii de opsoniis et condimentis
  • Subjects: cookery, roman,

    • 1. Apicii Coelii de opsoniis et condimentis, sive arte coquinaria, libri decem. Cum annotationibus Martini Lister, e medicis domesticis Serenissimae Majestatis Reginae Annae. Et notis selectioribus, variisque lectionibus integris, Humelbergii, Caspari Barthii, & variorum.
      Londini: typis Gulielmi Bowyer, MDCCV   [1705]
      20 cm.   xiv, 231 p.  
      GB:   ERCP*   LBL   LeU(B)  
      US:   DCLC   MH   NIC  

      1. Although the name of the author is invariably given as Apicius Coelius, only the name Apicius is certain. For information on the authorship and original date of compilation see B.Flower and E. Rosenbaum, Apicius: The Roman Cookery Book (London, 1974), pp. 9-18.
      2. The publication of this edition by Dr Martin Lister, personal physician to Queen Anne, gave rise to a satirical poem; see KING, William, The art of cookery.
      3. B.& G.Cat., No. 37, p. 3, states that 'this edition was privately printed in an edition of 120 copies only, at the expense of 18 Gentlemen, among whom were Lord Somers, Robert Harley, Sir Christopher Wren, Isaac Newton and Sir Hans Sloane'. A 2nd ed. of this work, limited to 100 copies and edited by Theodore Jan Almeloveen, was published by Jan Waesberg in Amsterdam in 1709. For earlier editions see BM Cat. (1965).

      Cited: Bitting, p. 13; Oxford, p. 49.

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