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  • The Milky Way housewife's book
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    • 1. The Milky Way | housewife's book, | containing | one hundred recipes ) for making puddings, blancmanges, ices, &c., | with | Nestle2's Swiss Milk; | also | health & beauty hints | by Mrs. Ada S. Ballin; | hints on etiquette | by Mrs. Heaton Armstrong; | frauds & swindles exposed | by G. Sidney Paternoster; | etc., etc., etc.
      London: Nestle2's Milk Advertising Offices; 1906
      14.0 x 11.5 cm   Pp [1-2] 3-128   Paper with image on front of girl luring butterfly with a flower  
      GB:   *OB  

      The book presumably takes its title from "The milky way magazine' issued by the same publisher. The recipes are printed on the top half of pages 7-106; hints on health and beauty and rules of etiquette fill the bottom half of the pages. According to the introduction the recipes were compiled "by a skilled practitioner of the culinary art, Miss M. E. Steedman, of Birmingham'. This is likely the M. E. Steedman who wrote "Home-made beverages and American drinks' (see Steedman, Miss M. E., for a description of this book on beverages).

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