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MILROY, Miss Hannah   

Hannah Milroy is described as Principal Cookery Teacher, Hornsey School Board, and late Principal Cookery Teacher, Gateshead School Board, in the advertisement for "Cookery lessons for elementary school children' in the 1898 edition of "Senn's culinary encyclopaedia'. @ EpicureDir 1899 cites Miss Hannah Milroy as a teacher of cookery, laundry, drill and domestic economy. Her qualifications are listed as follows: First-Class Diploma for High-class Household and Artizan Cookery, Liverpool Training School of Cookery, May 1891; Certificate to Teach Laundry Work and Drill; First Aid and Nursing Certificates, St John's Ambulance; South Kensington: Hygiene, Advanced Physiology, Elementary Chemistry, Elementary Physiography; St Andrew's Physiology Certificate. In 1899 she was still Principal Teacher of Cookery for the Hornsey School Board. Her address was Motyndean, Gisburn Road, Hornsey, London N.

  • Cookery lessons for elementary school children
  • Subjects: education, schools,

    • 1. [An edition of "Cookery lessons for elementary school children']

      I have not found a copy of this title which is advertised in the 1898 edition of "Senn's culinary encyclopaedia'. The advertisement describes it as a paper-bound book costing 3d and published in London by "The epicure' Office. "Cookery lessons for elementary school children' is also advertised in the 1898 edition of "Miss Cameron's cookery book' by Miss Ida Cameron. It is not cited in EngCat.

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