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MORRISON, Sophia and Louisa Morrison   

Sophia was born in 1875 and died in 1917.

  • Manx cookery book of favourite dishes
  • Subjects: isle of man, cookery of, fund-raising,

    • 1. Manx cookery book | of | favourite dishes
      London and Manchester: Sherratt and Hughes; 1908
      18.0 x 12.0 cm   Pp [i-ii] ads, [1-7] 8-243, [i-iii] ads   [1s on binding]   Green paper with the Manx emblem of 3 armour-clad legs on front  
      GB:   *Priv coll   IMaDM  

      The cover-title is "The Manx cookery book issued in aid of the Peel Church Spire Re-building Fund". The editors sign the preface "Sophia Morrison. Louisa Morrison. Lady Raglan's Stall, Church Spire Rebuilding Fund Bazaar, Christian's Schools, Peel, August 26th and 27th, 1908". In the preface they thank Mr Thomas Crellin of Oakland, California, for paying the expenses of publication.
      Following the usual subject divisions in the text are sections entitled "Manx dishes" on pages 172-203 (here some recipes are given first in the Manx language then in English translation), "Irish and other recipes" on pages 204-222, "South African dishes" on pages 223-225 (this includes four dishes from residents of Port Elizabeth: "Bobotee", "Milk tart", "Tart (Dutch potato)" and "Yellow rice"), and "Ancient recipes" on pages 226-232 (the source or date of most of the ancient recipes is cited).
      Work started on the church tower in 1911 but, despite the fund-raising efforts made by those involved in the production of this book, t

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