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MUSKETT, Philip Edward and Mrs H. F. Wicken   

Mrs Wicken was the sole author of "Australian table dainties and appetising dishes' and "The Kingswood cookery book'. See under her name for a description of these books.

  • The art of living in Australia
  • Subjects: australia, cookery of,

    • 1. The | art of living | in | Australia | (together with three hundred Australian cookery recipes | and accessory kitchen information by Mrs. H. Wicken, | Lecturer on Cookery to the Technical | College, Sydney). | By | Philip E. Muskett, | late Surgeon to the Sydney Hospital; formerly Surgeon Superintendent to the New | South Wales Government; Medical Superintendent, Quarantine Station, | Sydney; and Senior Resident Medical Officer, Sydney Hospital.
      London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Melbourne, Sydney and New York: Eyre and Spottiswoode; [1893]
      18.0 x 12.0 cm   Pp [i-x] ads, [1-2] ht, [i-v] vi-xx [xxi-xxii] xxiii-xxix [xxx], [1-3] 4-431, [i-iii] ads   Rebound  
      Bib:   Ferguson 13038  
      Aus:   ACN   NSM   THS   VMRoT   VMS  
      GB:   LB destroyed   LWel   LoEN   MCe   OB  
      US:   *DNLM  

      The rather startling statement, ""Australia is practically Southern Europe."', which is printed on the title-page, provokes one to read further. Muskett devotes a large portion of the book to a discussion of Australian food and eating habits. Although not a vegetarian, he would like Australians to eat less meat and more salads, vegetables and fish. He invited Mrs Wicken to prepare the cookery section but stipulated that "the recipes were to be written purely for Australian use, and that they were to be of the strictly economical order.'
      I have taken the date of publication from the preface, which is dated 143 Elizabeth Street, Hyde Park, Sydney, September 1893. VMRoT dates the book 1893'. MCe dates it [1893]. OB has two identical copies, one of which it dates [1893], the other [1894]. LB and LoEN cite [1894]. NUCat has two entries for "The art of living in Australia': London, New York: Eyre and Spottiswoode, [preface 1893], at CU, PPC, OrU and DNLM; and London: Eyre and Spottiswoode, [1894], at NN, NcD, OrU,

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