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BARKER, ANNE   flourished 1760

  • The complete servant maid: or young woman's best companion
  • Subjects: household management, servants,

    • 1. The complete servant maid: or young woman's best companion. Containing full, plain, and easy directions for qualifying them for service in general, but more especially for the places of lady's woman, housekeeper, chambermaid, nurserymaid, housemaid, laundryrnaid, cookmaid, kitchen, or scullerymaid, dairymaid. etc.
      London: printed for J. Cooke  
      21 cm.   48 p.   1 sh%. DDDD [c.1762]  
      GB:   LBL*  

      1. Mrs Barker stated 'that for many years she discharged the office of Housekeeper in the most respectable families'.
      2. Although no receipts are given in this work, there are, for example (on p. 46), directions for making butter and cheese, and the general household advice is absorbing.
      3. The approximate date for this work has-been arrived at from a comment on p. 44, where the cookmaid is advised to buy The Complete English Cook (see Brooks, Catharine), which has a preface dated 'January 20th 1762'. This means that Anne Barker could have published her work in 1762, or soon thereafter.

      Oxford, pp. 94-5

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