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EDDEN, Miss Helen   

Miss Edden had a long career as a cookery writer, spanning from the 1890s to 1929 when "County recipes of old England' was published (Bitting 140). Copies of her earlier books, however, are difficult to find and I have been unable to trace "Entrees, sauces, savouries and supper dishes" and "Hints on cooking by gas' both of which are cited in an advertisement for her cookery lessons in "Gas cookery, with practical recipes', published about the mid-1890s and described below. As well as writing her own books she edited twentieth-century editions of "Dainty dishes' by Lady Harriet Elizabeth St Clair, a book which was first published in 1866, and two titles by Agnes C. Maitland (the fourth edition of "The afternoon tea book', [1912], and the third edition of "What shall we have for breakfast'', 1912). I have been unable to determine whether "Cooking by G. A. S. Comp. by Miss Helen Edden, M.C.A. Edited by Mrs M. A. Cloudsley Brereton...", [London]: The British Commercial Gas Association, [191-], which is listed in NUCat, was published within this bibliography's limiting date of 1914. @The advertisement for Miss Edden's cookery lessons in "Gas cookery, with practical recipes' of the mid-1890s describes her as a lecturer to the London and provincial gas companies and lecturer and organiser of the Essex County Council Technical Education Classes for Ilford and Ongar. The address for applications, Minting House, Queen's Terrace, Hammersmith, has been corrected by hand to Belgravia Club, 20 St Georges Square, SW. In EpicureDir 1909 her position is given as Principal Demonstrator, Gas, Light and Coke Co, Horseferry Rd, Westminster, and her address is cited as 27 Castelnau Mansions, Barnes.% 0967

  • Gas cookery, with practical recipes
  • Subjects: gas, cooking with,

    • 1. Gas | cookery, | with | practical recipes, | prepared by | Helen Edden, M.C.A. | First-Class Diplomee, N.T.S.C. | Gold & Silver Medallist.
      London: Andrew Churchman; nd
      18.5 x 12.5 cm   Pp [i-iv] ads, [1-5] 6-184, [i-ii] ads   [1s 6d on binding]   Grey paper  
      GB:   *LCS   LWel  

      Miss Edden says in the preface, "The success which has attended the sale of my former cookery books has led me to issue a new and revised edition containing many fresh recipes.' "New and revised edition' is printed on the binding. Although no date of publication is given, this edition was probably issued in the mid-1890s since an advertisement for the author's cookery lessons on page 1 refers to medals won at London cookery competitions in 1891 and 1893.
      The LWel copy has an extra leaf of advertisements at the end.

    • 2. — [Title as first cited edition]
      London: Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent and Co; nd
      US:   MB  

      The title and imprint are from a photocopy of the title-page supplied by MB. The library dates this 198-page edition [1895].% 0968a

  • The grocers, the public and the cooks
  • Subjects: promotional,

    • 1. Price one shilling | To be obtained of leading family grocers | throughout the kingdom. | The | grocers, | the | public, | and | the | cooks. | A treatise on | groceries & how to cook them | with many choice recipes. | Compiled specially for this publication | under the supervision of Miss Helen Edden. M.C.A. [Cover-title]
      [London: J. Travers and Sons Ltd]; 1900
      25.0 x 18.0 cm   Pp 1-48 [49]   1s   Paper with ribbon design on front  
      GB:   *LoEN   OB  

      The date of publication is in a very small typeface on the lower edge of the front face of the binding and easy to miss. The short-title, "The grocers, the public and the cooks', appears at the top of page 1. There are 254 numbered recipes preceded by a section called "Modern groceries'. The recipes continue onto the inside face of the binding which I have numbered page 49. Pages 1-48, including the illustrations, are printed on a grey background. The illustrations show goods sold by the publisher, mainly of its own "Ship' brand articles. The printer, Alf Cooke of Leeds, and the publisher are cited on the back of the binding.

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