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BATTAM, ANNE   flourished 1750

  • A collection of scarce and valuable receipts
  • Subjects: cookery, preserving, health,

    • 1. A collection of scarce and valuable receipts, never before printed, and taken from the manuscripts of divers persons of the most refin'd taste and greatest judgement in the arts of cookery, preserving . . . concluding with many excellent prescriptions, of singular efficacy in most distempers, incident to the human body.
      London: printed for the author   1750
      18 cm.   198 p.  
      GB:   LBL   LeU(B)*  

      --2nd ed. The lady's assistant in the (economy of the table . . . originally published by the late Mrs. Anne Battam with near one hundred and fifty additional receipts, from several ladies, never before published. London: printed for R. and J. Dodsley, 1759. 300 p. pls. 17 cm. 3 sh. LeU(B)*: KMK; NPV
      1. Anne Battam described herself on the title-page as 'Mistress of Myon's Coffee-House in Great-Russel-Street Bloomsbury.'
      2. The 2nd ed. is considerably enlarged, and it includes directions for marketing, and such recipes as Mrs Spender's Lemon Biscuits and Lady Berkeley's Cherry Wine.

      Cited: Oxford, p. 80

  • The new and complete cook.
  • Subjects: cookery, food,

    • 1. The new and complete cook. With the addition of 150 scarce and valuable receipts.
      London: printed for R. Dodsley   1797

      1. The only known reference to this work is given in B.& G. Cat., No. 37, p. 14, which states: _ 'Mrs. Battam's book [i.e. a collection of scarce and valuable receipts; see the previous entry for BATTAM, Anne] was first published in 1750, but this edition is so much altered that it may be considered a different work.' See also Aresty, p. 236.

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