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Gesner, Conrad [Peter Morwen, John Day]   

  • Treasure of Euonymus
  • Subjects: domestic medicine,

    • 1. The treasure of / conteyninge the wonderful hid se= / cretes of nature, touching the most apte formes / to prepare and destyl Medicines, for the conser= / vation of heth: Quintessece, Aurum Potabile, / hippocras, aromaticall wynes, balmes, oyles / perfumes, garnishing waters, and other mani= / fold excellent confections. Whereunto are joined / the formes of Sondry apt furnaces, and ve= / ssels, required in this art. Translated / (with great diligence; & laboure) out of Latin, by Peter Mar= / wying fellow of Magda= / line Colleadge in / Oxford
      John Daie   1539
      [i-xx] 1 - 408   4o χ2, A-B4, B-Y4, Aa-Yy4, AA-HH4
      GB:   LB  

      Address: John Daye to the Christian ReaderÉ 1559.
      The Preface of the author to the reader.
      List of 'Authors alleged in this Boke'.
      Table of chapters indexed to page numbers.
      Frequent illustrations of furnaces and plants.

      STC 1180. English Experience 97.

    • 2. — The treasure of Euonymus : conteyninge the wonderful hid secrets of nature ...
      By Conrad Gessner; Peter Morwen; John Day  

      Sourced from World CAT By Conrad Gessner; Peter Morwen; John Day

      PR 11800

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