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BRADLEY, MARTHA   flourished 1760

  • The British housewife: or, the cook, housekeeper's, and gardiner's [sic] companion
  • Subjects: cookery, household management, gardening, carving,

    • 1. The British housewife: or, the cook, housekeeper's, and gardiner's [sic] companion . . . containing a general account of fresh provisions of all kinds . . . the art of carving . . . the conduct of a family in respect to health . . . the whole embellished with a great number of curious copper plates, shewing the manner of trussing all kinds of game . . . also the order of setting out tables for dinners, suppers . . . by which even those who cannot read will be able to instruct themselves. etc.
      London: printed for S. Crowder and H. Woodgate   [c.1760]
      Vol. 1, 21 cm.; Vol. 2, 21 cm.   Vol. 1. 752 p. frontis. pls; Vol 2. 469 p.  
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      1. Scots Mag., vol. 18 (Jan. 1756), p. 54, contains the following advertisement: 'The British housewife, no. 1. To be continued weekly. 3d. Crowder.' It would seem that, from as early as 1756, Martha Bradley had the intention to publish her long work in instalments on the press of Stanley Crowder, but no copy of any instalment has been located, and no further advertise- ments appeared in Scots Mag., and, although her printer was situated in London, no notices at all were inserted in G'ents. Mag.
      2. Henry Woodgate was in partnership with Stanley Crowder until a short time before the latter's death in 1766, which helps, with the information in note 1 above, to give an approximate date for publication; see Plomer/2, pp. 67-8, and 270.
      3. The copy in the ENLS, which is incomplete, is inscribed 'E. Riddell 1773.'

      Bitting, pp. 54-5; Oxford, pp. 104-5

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