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DEWHURST, Henry W.   

  • New medical adviser
  • Subjects: medical miscellanies,

    • 1. The new medical adviser and family physician; containing in easy & familiar language every species of information necessary to the treatment & cure of all diseases, incidental to the human body throughout every period of life, forming a complete guide to the preservation of health, and the attainment of longevity. By Henry W. Dewhurst, Esq., F.E.S.L.//house surgeon to St. John's British Hospital; president of the Verulan Philosophical Society of London; professor of comparative anatomy to the Eclectic Society; author of the natural history of the order Cetacea, & Oceanic inhabitants of the Arctic Regions, a Dictionary of anatomy, &c. &c.
      21.5 x 12.0 cm   Pp [1] 2-736   frontis engr, title-page engr, 4 pls col engr, 15 pls engr  
      GB:   LB   *LWel  

      The plates in this volume are bound in with Alexander Burnett's "The medical adviser', 1825. The contents of this miscellany are similar but not identical.

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