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  • Hints on nursing
  • Subjects: nursing,

    • 1. ["Hints on nursing', 1872]
      GB:   LB  

      The BMCat lists an edition of "Hints on nursing the sick for the rich and poor' as published London: 1872.

  • Hints to domestic servants
  • Subjects: servants, conduct,

    • 1. Hints to domestic servants: addressed more particularly to male and female servvants, connected with the nobility, gentry, and clergy. By a butler in a gentleman's family. Second edition.
      17.5 x 10.5 cm   Pp [i-iv] [1-4] 5-115  
      GB:   LB   *LoEN  

      There is a preface to the first edition, dated 1853.
      Binding: purple cloth, gilt.
      Of the nine chapters in this work, only one is on "secular duties'. The remaining chapters form an extended sermon.

  • Hints and helps for every-day emergencies
  • Subjects: miscellanies,

    • 1. Hints and helps for every-day emergencies, in connection with social economy, domestic economy, rural economy, household medicine, casualties and accidents, pecuniary embarrassments, legal difficulties, etc. etc.
      17.5 x 11.5 cm   Pp [i-v] vi-xvi [1] 2-112  
      GB:   LB   *OB  

      There is an index at the front of the text.
      Date from BMCat.
      The contents are arranged in numbered paragraphs although the miscellaneous hints which make up the text are not presented in any discernible order.

    • 2. — [Title as [1860] edition]
      17.5 x 11.0 cm   Pp [i-v] vi-xvi [1] 2-112  
      GB:   LB   *LoEN  
      US:   LOC  

      Date from BMCat.

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