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SMILES, Samuel   1812-1904

Samuel Smiles was an author, social reformer, physician, and secretary to two of the early railway companies. His other works include a number of biographies of industrial pioneers and a popular series on self-improvement. He is chiefly remembered for "Self-help', first published in 1859, and his name has become associated with a philosophy of individual private enterprise.

  • Physical education
  • Subjects: children,

    • 1. Physical education; of, the nurture and management of children, founded on the study of their nature and constitution. By Samuel Smiles, surgeon.
      17.0 x 10.5 cm   Pp [i-vii] viii [1] 2-200  
      GB:   LB   *LWel  
      US:   DCL  

      Binding: purple cloth.
      The "physical education' of the title refers to the upbringing of children generally, as opposed to moral instruction. The phrase is not used to mean any particular type of physical training.

    • 2. — [Another edition, 1905]
      GB:   LB  

      The BMCat lists another edition with the title "Physical education of the young...edited, with additions, by Sir Hugh Beevor' as published London and Felling-on Tyne: Walter Scott Publishing Co 1905.

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