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ARMSTRONG, Mrs Lucie Heaton   

  • Etiquette and entertaining
  • Subjects: etiquette for women, entertaining,

    • 1. Etiquette and entertaining//by Mrs L. Heaton Armstrong//author of "Etiquette for girls", "The etiquette of parties", "Good form", "Letters to a bride", etc.
      19.0 x 10.0 cm   Pp [1-4] 5-155 [156]  
      GB:   *LB  
      US:   DCL  

      Binding: illustrated blue cloth.

    • 2. — [Title as 1903]
      18.5 x 10.0 cm   Pp [1-4] 5-156  
      GB:   *LB  

  • Etiquette-up-to-date
  • Subjects: entertaining, etiquette for women,

    • 1. Etiquette-up-to-date.
      18.5 x 12.0 cm   Pp [iii-vi] vii-viii 1-302 1-8 publ ads  
      GB:   *LB   OB  

      Date from BMCat.
      Binding: green cloth.
      The title page is printed in red and black, with the list of contents in bordered-off columns. The contents are listed as 'Visiting cards//paying calls//calls and calling//more about calling// "at homes" in the season//ladies luncheon parties//weddings//more about weddings//before the wedding//after the wedding//supper parties//a valentine party//a cake-walk party//some echoes of the season//"little entertainments"//more entertainments//amusements at country garden parties//country parties//regatta parties//food, and how to eat it// food, and how to serve it//family manners//etiquette between relations// club manners//congratulations and condolence//hints on conversation// meeting and greeting//minor points about manners//engaging a servant// sitting for a portrait//interviewing//foreign etiquette//bridge and bridge parties."

  • Good form
  • Subjects: general etiquette,

    • 1. Good form. A book of every day etiquette. By Mrs. Armstrong. Author of "Modern etiquette in public and private", and "Doll stories".
      17.5 x 11.5 cm   Pp [i-v] vi [vii] viii 1-220 [i-ii] blank [1] 2-15 [16] publ ads  
      GB:   LB   *OB  

      Binding: red and black cloth, gilt.

  • Letters to a bride
  • Subjects: etiquette for women, letters,

    • 1. Letters to a bride//including letters to a d#1ebutante//by Lucie Heaton Armstrong//author of "Modern etiquette in public and private', PPPP London: F.V. White & Co 1896
      GB:   LB   *OB  

      This is not a book of wedding etiquette, despite the title, but has advice for middle-class young women generally on etiquette in various situations. It is written as a series of letters to a niece "Letty' from her "Aunt Priscilla'.

  • Etiquette of party giving
  • Subjects: entertaining,

    • 1. The eiquette of party giving//with hints to hostess and guest. By Mrs. Heaton Armstrong, author of "Modern etiquette", "Good form", "Doll stories", etc.
      19.0 x 12.5 cm   Pp [i-v] vi [vii] 1-82 [i-vi] publ ads  
      GB:   LB   *OB  

      Binding: brown cloth.

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