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GROVE, Lady Agnes Geraldine   

  • Social fetich
  • Subjects: etiquette for women, essays,

    • 1. The social fetich//by Lady Grove//author of "Seventy-one days' camping in Morocco," etc.
      22.0 x 13.5 cm   Pp [i-vi] vii-ix [x] [1] 2-156   frontis  
      GB:   *LB  

      Binding: blue cloth.
      The frontispiece is a signed photographic portrait of the author. The book is dedicated to Thomas Hardy.
      This is a collection of essays on manners, politeness and "social ethics' some of which appeared originally in the "Cornhill magazine', the "Westminster review' and "The ladies' realm'.

    • 2. — [Title as 1907] Second edition
      22.0 x 13.5 cm   Pp [i-vi] vii-xix [1] 2-156   frontis  
      GB:   *LB  
      US:   DCL  

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