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  • The "Sunlight" almanac
  • Subjects: almanacs,

    • 1. ["The"Sunlight" almanac', 1895]
      GB:   *LeU  

      The LeU library catalogue lists "The "Sunlight" almanac: a home treasury of information on current topics and help in every day difficulties...' Port Sunlight: Lever Brothers, 1895.

  • "Sunlight" almanac for 1896
  • Subjects: almanacs,

    • 1. The "Sunlight" almanac for 1896. A home treasury for information for the use of all members of a household. Including calendar matter, politics, trade, army and navy, the colonies, sport, biography, literature, the management of a household, the fashions, recreations, garden management, poultry, &c. &c.
      17.5 x 10.5 cm   Pp [1-5] 6-477 [478]   illus  
      GB:   *OPo(F)  

  • "Sunlight" almanac for 1899
  • Subjects: almanacs,

    • 1. The "Sunlight" almanac for 1899. A home treasury of information for the use of all members of the household...comprising calendar and tabular matter, charts, statistics, the treatment of sick children how to keep house on small means, home dress-aking, amateur photography, cottage and window gardening. &c.&c.
      18.5 x 12.5 cm   Pp [1-5] 6 [7-21] 22-159 [160]   8 full-age illus, illus  
      GB:   LeU   *OPo(F)  

      Binding: limp red cloth. The text is interspersed with tables, charts, maps and several full-age advertisements for Sunlight products. Copies of this almanac were variously printed in blue and red or green and red.

  • Sunlight year-book
  • Subjects: almanacs,

    • 1. ["The Sunlight year book', 1897]
      GB:   LeU  

      The LeU library catalogue lists "The Sunlight year book: a treasury of useful information of value to all members of the household...' as published Port Sunlight: Lever Brothers 1897.

  • "Sunlight" year-book for 1898
  • Subjects: almanacs,

    • 1. The "Sunlight" year-book for 1898. A treasury of useful information of value to all members of the household. Including the calendar and kindred matter, universal history, geography, army and navy, science, literature, fine arts, architecture, commerce agriculture, medical, sports and pastimes, the household, Port Sunlight, etc. Also story by Conan Doyle / with portraits and numerous illustrations.
      17.5 x 11.5 cm   Pp [3-7] 8-477   10 full-page illus, illus  
      GB:   LeU   *OPo(F)  
      US:   CU(B)  

      The full-page illustrations are cycling maps. General comments: The "Sunlight' series of almanacs and year-books was produced by Lever Brothers for free distribution as advertising for their most famous product, Sunlight soap. The place of publication, Port Sunlight, was a model village which the manufacturers built for their employees.

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