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Boorde, Andrew   

  • Dyetary of Helth
  • Subjects: diets, household, cookery, domestic medicine,

    • 1. Hereafter foloweth a compendyous regyment or a dyetary of Helth, made in Montpyllier, compiled by Andrew Boorde of Physicke doctour, dedicated to the armypotent [sic] Prynce, and valyaunt Lorde Thomas Duke of Northfache.
      Robert Wyer   Iohn Gowghe   1542
      8.5 x 13.5   4o A-N
      GB:   LB  

      Diets [different from Boorde's Breviary (1552)]
      Dated: ( 5th Mat; 1542). Dedicated to Lord Thomas Cardinal of York, therefore written pre 1533?
      Has frontis + tailpiece woodcut + one woodcut to Galien.

      PR 3378.5

  • Breviary of healthe
  • Subjects: domestic medicine,

    • 1. The breviary / of healthe, for all manner of / sicknesses and diseases the which / may be in man or woman, doth fo= / lowe. Expressing the obscure ter= / mes of Greke, Araby, Latyn, and / Barbary, in English concernyiong /Phisicke and Chierurgerie, com= / plyed by Andrewe Boorde, of / Physicke Doctour, an Englishe man. / Anno M. D. L.ii.
      William Powell   1552
      13.5 x 19.0   Foliated   8o A-R8, A-D8
      GB:   LB  

      A1v: woodcut of reader.
      A2 Address: Preface to physicians; A3v Address: Proheme to Chierurgions; A4 Address: Preamble to sicke men & wounded; A5 Address: Preface to Reader; A6: Apender to what follows
      Second book is gathered: R B-C8 D
      Title to second book: the se= / conde boke of the breviary of / health, named the / Extravgantes / foloweth. / Compyled by Andrew Boorde of Physicke / Doctor.
      Tp to second book follows on from end of Table; second book has its own tables: D3v - D4.
      Table runs from Qiiiv.
      Other editions: 1557, 1575, 1587, 1598,

      BLC [8o ], see also PR 3374

    • 2. — The breuiary of helthe : for all manner of lyckensses and diseases the whiche É
      Publisher: London : s.n.   1547

      Sourced from World CAT : Book : Microfiche

    • 3. — The breuiary of healthe, for all maner of syckenesses and diseases the which may be in man or woman, doth folowe. : Expressynge the obscure termes of Greke, Araby, Latyn, and Barbary, in English concernyng phisicke and chierurgerie, compiled by Andrewe Boorde, of phisycke doctoure, an Englishe man.
      William Powell   1557

      Sourced from World CAT : Book : Microfilm

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