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WEBSTER, Thomas   1773-1844

Thomas Webster was a geologist and architect. He became Professor of Geology at University College, London in 1842 and was curator of the museum of the Geological Society. He knew the inventor Count Rumford and was influenced by his ideas on kitchen ranges and architecture.

  • Encyclopaedia of domestic economy
  • Subjects: encyclopaedias,

    • 1. An encyclopaedia of domestic economy: comprising such subjects as are most immediately connected with housekeeping: as, the construction of domestic edifices, with the modes of warming, ventilating, and lighting them; a description of the various articles of furniture, with the nature of their materials; duties of servants; a general account of the animal and vegetable substances used as food, and the methods of preserving and preparing them by cooking; making bread; the chemical nature and the preparation of all kinds of fermented liquors used as beverage; materials employed in dress and the toilette; business of the laundry; description of the various wheel-carriages; preservation of health; domestic medicine, &c. &c. By Thomas Webster, F.G.S. &c assisted by the late Mrs. Parkes, author of "Domestic duties". Illustrated with nearly one thousand woodcuts.
      21.5 x 13.5 cm   Pp [iii-v] vi-viii [ix] x-xix [xx] [1] 2-640 [i-ii] 641-1264   illus  
      GB:   LB   MeLAt   OB   *OPo(F)  

    • 2. — [Title as 1844] New edition.
      22.0 x 14.0 cm   Pp [i-v] vi-viii [ix] x-xix [xx] [1] 2-1264, [1-3] 4-32 publ ads   illus  
      GB:   *LB(S)  
      US:   MCR  

      Price from publisher's advertisement.

    • 3. — [Title as 1844, another edition 1852]
      US:   DLC  

      The NUCat lists another edition as published London: 1852.

    • 4. — [Title as 1844] New edition.
      22.0 x 14.0 cm   Pp [i-v] vi-viii [ix] x-xix [xx] [1] 2-1264   illus  
      GB:   LGu   *OB  

      General comments: There were at least two American editions of the encyclopaedia. Bitting, p 489, cites an edition published New York: 1845. The NUCat lists another published New York: 1849, edited by D.M. Reese.

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