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  • Concise observations on the nature of our common food
  • Subjects: health, illness, food,

    • 1. Concise observations on the nature of our common food, so far as it tends to promote or injure health; with remarks on water, bread, meat, cheese, butter, milk, wine, punch, beer, coffee, tea, sugar. etc. [by a gentleman of the faculty].
      London: printed by W. Justins   for W. Stanes at Chelmsford   1787
      21 cm.   56 p.   1 sh.  
      GB:   LBL*   LWML  
      US:   DNAL  

      --2nd ed. London: printed for [----]; New York: reprinted by J. and T. Swords for Berry and Rogers, 1790. --: DCLC; MHi; MWA
      1 . The authorship has been ascribed to at least two people. In the LWML copy he is identified as John Tweed (who wrote Popular Observations cm Regimen and Diet, c. 1820); and the NUCat. states it was Thomas Hayes.
      2. Scots Mag., vol. 50 (Jan. 1788), p. 33, confirms that the price was 1 sh.

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