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  • Cookery reformed: or the lady's assistant
  • Subjects: cookery, physician,

    • 1. Cookery reformed: or the lady's assistant . . . to which is added the family physician . . . published at the request of a physician of great experience, who for the benefit of the purchaser, has carefully corrected this work; and shewn why several things heretofore used in cookery, and inserted in other books, have been prejudicial to mankind.
      London: printed for P. Davey and B. Law   1755
      254 p. [--]   4 sh. 6 d.  

      1. The entry for this rare book is based on Murphy, p. 11.
      2. Lond.Mag. (May 1755), N0. 17 [no pagination], confirms that the price was 4 sh. 6 d.

      Oxford, pp. 86-7

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