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TRUSLER, John   1735-1820

Dr. John Trusler was a clergyman, student of medicine, bookseller and author. Among his other works is a book on etiquette, "The honours of the table', published in 1788. See: Maclean, p 142

  • Trusler's domestic management
  • Subjects: servants, duties: general,

    • 1. Trusler's domestic management, or the art of conducting a family, with economy, frugality & method, the result of long experience; with full instructions to servants of various denominatigns, how to time and execute their work well. Necessary for every mistress to know, and the best present she can make them, even for her own comfort and interest. A new edition, with considerable additions.
      15.5 x 10.0 cm   Pp [1-2] 3 iv-x [xi] xii-xv [xvi] [1] 2-176  
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      Note the misspelling of "denominations' in the title. This is an example of a work addressed to servants, but published for sale to mistresses who were expected to read passages aloud to their domestics or to leave the book in the servants' quarters for them to consult.

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