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BEETON, Isabella Mary   1836-1865

See also: Domestic economy.

  • Management of children
  • Subjects: infant care, children, nursing,

    • 1. The management of children in health and sickness.
      18.0 x 12.0 cm   Pp [1-4] [i] [ii-iv] [1] 2-92, [i-iv] publ ads   [1s on cover]  
      GB:   LB   *LoEN   OB  

      With index.
      Binding: yellow cloth boards.
      This is the second in the series "Beeton's house and home books'. The contents are taken without alteration from Isabella Beeton's "Husehold management', and consist of paragraphs 2445 to 2577 on children, 1841 to 1878 on invalid cookery, 2416 to 2444 on sick nursing and 2578 to 2693 on the doctor, and medical memoranda.

  • How to manage house and servants
  • Subjects: compendium,

    • 1. How to manage house and servants and to make the most of your means. By Mrs. Isabella Beeton.
      18.0 x 11.5 cm   Pp [1-2] [i] ii-iv [3] 4-120, [i-vi] publ ads   illus [1s on cover]  
      GB:   LB   LoEN   *OB  
      US:   DLC  

      This is the first of the series "Beeton's house and home books' which were originally published between 1866 and 1867. The book consists of paragraphs 1 to 87 from "Household Management' on the mistress, the housekeeper and the economy of the kitchen; paragraphs 2153 to 2413 on domestic servants, and paragraphs 2694 to 2751 on legal memoranda. See also Domestic medicine and childcare.

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