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BELL, Robert   born 1845

  • Our children
  • Subjects: infant care, children,

    • 1. Our children, how to keep them well and treat them when they are ill: a guide to mothers. By Robert Bell, M.D., Fellow of the Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons; licentiate of the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh; Fellow of the British Gynaecological Society; Fellow of the Obstetrical Societies of London and Edinburgh, etc.; physician to the Glasgow Institute for the diseases of women and children.
      17.5 x 11.5 cm   Pp [i-vii] viii [1] 2-232, [i-iv] ads  
      GB:   *LB   LoEN   OB  

    • 2. — [Third edition, 1890]
      GB:   LoEN   ORS  

      The LoEN catalogue lists a third edition as published 1890.

  • Deputy physician
  • Subjects: medical compendium,

    • 1. The deputy physician: a complete household guide for the preservation of health and treatment of diseases, by Robert Bell, M.D., F.F.P.S., &c. / consulting physician to the Glasgow Hospital for Women.
      21.0 x 13.5 cm   Pp [1-4] [i] ii-ix [x] [1] 2-587 [588], [i-xii] ads [i] ii-xiii  
      GB:   LB   *LoEN  

      here is an index, separated from the main text by a dozen pages of advertisements.
      Binding: yellow cloth.

  • Home book of medical treatment
  • Subjects: medical encyclopaedias,

    • 1. The home book of medical treatment. Being an encyclopaedia of domestic medicine. By Robert Bell, M.D. Medical referee for the national hospital for consumption, Ventnor; senior physician to the Glasgow hospital for diseases peculiar to women; vice-president of the British Gynaecological Society, etc.
      18.0 x 12.5 cm   Pp [1] 2-460  
      GB:   *LB   LoEN   OB  

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