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BUCHAN, William   1729-1805

William Buchan was the author of one of the best-known manuals of domestic medicine. His "Domestic medicine' was first published in 1769, but subsequent editions were still being published in the nineteenth century.

  • Advice to mothers
  • Subjects: maternal health, infant care,

    • 1. Advice to mothers, on the subject of their own health; and on the means of promoting the health, strength, and beauty, of their offspring.
      20.5 x 12.0 cm   Pp [i-iv] [1] 2-419 [420]  
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      "Advice to mothers' contains a mixture of medical lore, polemic and myth. The first few chapters provide hints to women before marriage, rules of conduct during pregnancy, and remarks on childbirth. A chapter on the nursing and rearing of children advises on the influence of air, warm and cold bathing, dress, the use and misuses of medicines, food, rest and exercise. Then follow three warning chapters of dwarfishness and deformity, the baneful effects of parental tenderness, and employments unfavourable to the growth of children. There is a chapter on accients, another on foundling hospitals and other cha'sketch of a plan for the preservation and improvement of the human species'. The book concludes with an appendix of extracts from Dr. Cadogan's pamphlet on the nursing and management of children.

    • 2. — [Second edition, 1811]
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      The LOC cat lists a second edition "to which are added, various remarks and improvements, from the original mss. of the author, by his son' as published London: T. Cadell and W. Davies, 1811.

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