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Phayre, T.   

  • Regiment of life
  • Subjects: diet, domestic medicine, manners, children,

    • 1. The Regi= / ment of life, whereun= / to is added a / treatise of the pes= / tilence, with the bok / of children, newly / corrected and en= / larged by T. / Phayre. / Anno 1545
      Edward Whitchurch   1545
      6.5 x 9.5   8o A-Z Aa-Bb8
      GB:   LeU(B)  

      Table on Bb vi has been hand paginated and numbers written in.
      General care of the body, and medicines for the plague.
      An early example of the Sanitatis genre.

      see PR 11969

    • 2. — The regiment of life, whereunto is added a treatyse of the pestilence, with the booke of children by T. Phayer.

      Sourced from PR. See PR for earlier and other editions by Jehan Goeurot.

      PR 11970

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